Local SEO Services by DiscoverLocal

At DiscoverLocal, we provide Local Web Presence management for busy Local Business Owners who want to increase their Local Search Rankings, get their business discovered online, convert more website visitors into leads, and grow their business.

Local SEO Services

Our services are designed for businesses with a physical location, including:

  • – Restaurants & Bars
  • – Hair Salons and Spas
  • – Home Service Businesses
  • – Medical Offices
  • – Professional Service Providers
  • – Auto Service and Repair Businesses

However, we have found that this also works for service-based businesses that travel to a customer’s home. We also offer a FREE local SEO audit to answer any questions and help you determine if our service is the right fit for your business.

Local Citation Building and SEO Process

We developed a 6-step process with helps your business quickly grow and expand your current Local Web Presence.

Our service is designed to work in conjunction with your current website and SEO marketing activities, not against it.

1. Our process begins with a Local SEO Audit. In the audit, we will review your current website and business citations to develop a baseline for your marketing campaign. We will also review the top local Keywords for your business category, and develop a list of citations sources that is customized to your business and geographic location. When the Local SEO Audit is complete, we will have developed a customized Local SEO marketing plan for your business.

2. After completing the Local SEO Audit, the real work begins. Our Local Account Manager will review your business information and make sure that we have all of the information needed to deliver our Local SEO services.

We will start by setting up or optimizing your local profiles on Google My Business, Yahoo Local, and Bing for Business. We’ll make sure all of the information is consistent across these online profiles. We write an SEO-optimized description of your business and services and post these to all of your profiles.

3. After setting up your local profiles, we will take any photos and short video clips that you provide and build a short 30-second YouTube promo video about your business. We’ll also setup a YouTube Channel for your business (if you don’t already have one setup) and upload your promo video to the new account. In the process, we optimize your YouTube video description for Local SEO keywords and provide a summary of your business information. Your video description will resemble a local business profile including your business name, address and phone number.

4. Once your Local profiles have been setup and optimized for local search, we will begin building local business listings or “citations” for your business. These citations are modified NAP listings or Name, Address, Phone Number and Website listings for your business across the web. Depending on the results of your Local SEO Audit, we will submit and/or correct your business listings on the Top local business directories, local map sites, and more. This is the most time consuming step of our service, but this allows us to tailor each listing for your business. Depending on the package that you purchase,

5. The last component of a successful Local SEO campaign includes collecting customer testimonials and online reviews of your business. We provide a Postcard template that is designed to funnel your customers to your online profiles, so that they can leave reviews and feedback about their experiences with your business.

6. After all of the work is completed, we send out a neatly organized completion report. This report is completely transparent and provides a detailed overview of all the work performed on behalf of your company. We also include the Account username and password that was used to claim your business listings, as well as the username and password to the email account that was created for the verification process (if required). You’ll also receive a complete copy of the Local SEO Audit, full list of recommended citation sources for your business, and an action guide to help you continue to build upon your local marketing foundation.

These services are available in three packages that you can choose from. We follow all 6-steps in each package, so you know you are receiving a solid foundation to your Local Online Marketing.

Get Started

So, what are you waiting for? Sign Up for our Local Business Listings and SEO service today, and save the time and effort required to setup a solid foundation for your Local Online Marketing activities.

Service Launching: July 31, 2017

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